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Refund Policy

Our sales and support staff will always do their best to create a comfortable and easy service to each and every one of our clients. Our best interest is serve our customers with quality and satisfaction, which usually makes our first time visitors into regular clients. None the less we always recommend all our potential clients to please read our refund policy to avoid future mistakes and misunderstandings.

If you ordered more than 10 days ago and have not received your products or services, please contact us as soon as possible. Our customer support team will answer you within a hours, but in case we are not able to help you or solve the encountered problems, you’re entitled to apply for a full, no questions asked, refund or cancellation.

There’s cases when we’re entitled to reject the refund or cancellation request. These are:

1. If the submission deadline has passed and the client has not provided us with the necessary information yet, so that we can’t cancel the order;
2. If we’ve already done a part of work for the client, cancellation is impossible.
3. If the order is half completed and the client appeals to us for a refund we will deny such refund and convert your CC dispute into an official "Claim".;
4. If the customer has already received the order as well as the report about its completion, the refund is impossible;
5. If a refund request is caused by absence of features that were not mentioned in the official service description on the website.
6. We will not refund customized services/orders.
7. In case we face a payment chargeback for your order, we will block the work immediately and without any notification delete followers, backlinks, text, etc.
8. We do not provide refund for the services purchased at discount prices nor services purchased with a promo code.

BuyPeriscopeFollowers.Net does their best to keep all customers aware of all the features of our Periscope App marketing packages.

Please, avoid requesting unnecessary chargebacks or starting a PayPal dispute. It’s much easier just to contact us and solve any existing order issue.

When can you apply for a full refund?

You will always be entitled to apply for a refund in case of:

  • Mistaken doubled purchase of our products or services for one same account;
  • If we fail to start processing your order within 7 days you have all the right for a full refund ;
  • Decision to cancel the order before its first results arrive;
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